Movie Theater Safety & Courtesy

Hi there Readers! This post is a little reminder about general movie theater etiquette and safety. Theater etiquette has become lax of late, which many are aware of.  Think about how often you go to a film and someone is chatting or texting throughout; not very courteous.  I went to see 12 Years a Slave, which I highly recommend, on October 23 and there were some curt words spoken between patrons over poor behavior.  One young gentleman had to firmly explain to a woman about why her texting was distracting.  Two others yelled at each other, “SHHHH, BE QUIET!” which was replied to with a “YOU don’t tell ME what to do!”  Ah, the pleasures of an NYC film audience.   I also had a mishap.

12 years a slaveUnfortunately, I had to duck out to the restroom about 45 minutes into the film.  As I was exiting the theater I tripped over something on the floor and fell directly on my face! Yes, I face-planted in a Times Square movie theater, not my finest moment.  I brushed myself off, ran to the restroom, washed off my blood and returned. Throughout the rest of the film I was flexing my right hand which was bruised and swollen. By the next day I went to the hospital, got a tetanus shot and had two broken fingers splinted.  This was the result:

broken fingers

Don’t be like me folks, watch where you are going.  I also relocated from New Jersey to beautiful Kansas City this past week, which is taxing on broken bones. I won’t be able to make a fist or generally write legibly for a while. So next time you go to the theater, put your phone away, be quiet and for goodness sake be mindful of where you are walking.  Be safe and good to one another.  Peace!  🙂