Happy Friday: Nymphomaniac Chapter 6 Trailer – NSFW

Hoping you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying Hanukkah. Well looky here, another Nymphomaniac appetizer. I thought after last week’s big trailer debut that was the end of the previews, but we get more.  Like Thanksgiving leftovers for your eyes. Things are looking really desperate for Joe/”Fido”(Charlotte Gainsbourg) in this clip; this will turn out to be a blue Christmas for her.

Chapter 6: The Eastern and the Western Church (The Silent Duck)

Happy Friday: Nymphomaniac Official Trailer – NSFW

It’s here!!! It finally came (sex pun, tee, hee)!!  The official, loud, dirty trailer for Lars von Trier’s newest film.  This looks like a whole lot of fantastic; all the pieces from the previous teaser trailers are meshing. He fit some Wagner into the clip too; heard the hammering dwarfs theme from Das Rheingold, nice.  I really can’t be objective about this film, I adore his work too much to be.  I figure if you can direct something like Manderlay and not have me torch your house, you’re doing something right. Even when I want to punch von Trier (the end of Breaking the Waves, come on now, really?) I still want to kiss him more for taking film to the next level.  Apparently this film is going to be 4 hours long; joy and happiness.

Update: YouTube took down the video due to the naughtiness. Boo-hiss! Vimeo has luckily posted it instead

Happy Friday: Nymphomaniac Chapter 2 Trailer

The Chapter Two trailer from Nymphomaniac was released today, hooray!! Shia LeBeouf appears as a sleazy boss; this does not look like it will end well.  Thank goodness that von Trier is releasing these “appetizers”, the wait for a possible Christmas release feels interminable.

Chapter 2  – Jerôme

Happy Friday: New NIN video by David Lynch & First Look at Nymphomaniac by Lars von Trier

What a happy Friday it is!  Two very exciting releases have been made by two major film autuers.

David Lynch has decided to pick up a camera again.  He has teamed up with Nine Inch Nails to film their new video Came Back Haunted. There is a seizure warning at the beginning.  Oh David! 😉

The first trailer from Lars von Trier’s upcoming film Nymphomaniac debuted today. I am so hyped-up about this film, you have no idea. I love Lars, love him a lot.

Chapter 1 – The Compleat Angler