Quick Take: Skyfall

skfall title 1Sam Mendes’ 2012 version of James Bond Skyfall succeeds in retaining the franchises’ signature notes and the director’s prowess.  This film won the Oscar for Sound Editing and would have been a deserved winner of the cinematography award, if not for Ang Lee’s Life of Pi.  After an extraordinarily exciting and practically improbable opening chase scene, the dark title sequence, underpinned by Adele’s title song, sets the espionage in motion.  Bond(Daniel Craig) is handsome as ever and brooding this turn, a more serious hero for a more serious tale.  Both governmental and diabolical forces, such as the perfectly unnerving villain Silva(Javier Bardem), plot to destroy 007 and M(Judi Dench). Exotic locales that have become the norm over the 50 year history of the Bond films continue in this iteration; Bonds’ entrance on a boat in Shanghi is sumptuous and grand, in addition to the other settings. This is a Bond film for the dedicated fan and the casual viewer; masterfully filmed, with glitz, sex, and suspense that only 007 can deliver.