Quick Take: Stories We Tell

stories-we-tell-trailer-0352013-182141Stories We Tell is a documentary directed by Sarah Polley about her family which explores the mysteries of memory.  This is a mesmerizing story told through interviews with her loved ones; the center being held by an amazing narrative provided by her father Michael.  The documentary shifts and moves into areas one would not expect, with Polley maintaining an always critical eye towards what she is trying to portray.  Few documentaries I have watched have such deft power of revelation without aiming to be sappy or shocking.  This documentary flows exquisitely, with such care given towards the participants that it is a triumph of love and understanding for Polley. The stories which comprise a family are often bittersweet but no less wonderful and magical, which this film conveys with acceptance.  This is a documentary which is subtle, calm and reflects on the complexity of life through an ordinary family, which in turn makes one realize that no family is ordinary.  All of our stories are intertwined and produce beauty and life.