Happy Friday: Un Chien Andalou

unchienandalouLuis Bunuel’s 1929 classic silent short, Un Chien Andalou, is a treat of Halloween-time creepiness. Most students in Film 101 have been subjected to watching this and someone in class will inevitably scream. It’s delightful that a film so old can still elicit shock and surprise in what is perceived to be a modern jaded audience.  Sit back and enjoy Bunuel and Salvador Dali’s surreal dream.


From One Second To The Next – Werner Herzog’s Texting & Driving PSA

from-one-second-to-the-next-L-jHPoeLWerner Herzog has teamed up with AT&T to direct a short documentary about the dangers of texting & driving.  An unexpected partnership possibly, but the resulting film is very successful in getting the idea across that texting while driving has horrible consequences. The film gives voice to both the victims of car accidents resulting from texting & driving and those who caused the accidents. This is not an easy documentary to view; you will cry.  I am pleased that this film will be used as an educational tool in high schools and other institutions in the US because people need to be reminded that cars are dangerous and need your full attention to operate. My grandfather was a body and fender man; he owned a body shop with wrecks scattered about the yard.  I learned very young that you can fix most cars, but not a person, so you better wear your seat belt and be a safe driver.  Respect cars for the dangerous machines they are and respect your fellow human by waiting to send a text.